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Emergency Warden Training

Effective training is the difference in ensuring a prompt and efficient response to fires in various settings.

Participants will undergo comprehensive training encompassing the roles and responsibilities of Emergency Wardens, evacuation procedures, and an in-depth overview of the Emergency response protocols tailored to their specific site. This session aligns with the nationally recognized competency PUAWER005B “Operate as part of an emergency control organization” and adheres to the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010 “Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.”

Upon successful completion of the training session, students will be issued a statement of participation, certifying their acquired knowledge and skills in emergency management.

Emergency Wardens, Skills Retention Training

To ensure the ongoing proficiency of Emergency Wardens, Skills Retention Training, commonly known as refresher training, is mandated at intervals no greater than 6 months.

Fire Safety and Extinguisher Training. This may include an annual Warden refresher course and a fire drill per year, offering a structured approach to maintaining readiness.

For those seeking accredited training, an option is available at an additional cost. The duration of the training session is set at 2 hours, catering to a maximum of 20 participants per session.

Our seasoned trainer, Paul Hill, brings a wealth of experience to the program. With 30 years of firefighting experience, coupled with 25 years in training encompassing First Aid, Fire Safety, and Emergency Management, Paul has an additional 15 years of expertise in senior management roles within the CFA. His knowledge and passion for educating teams and organizations extend to the safe utilization of fire equipment and the coordination of appropriate emergency responses.

As an additional consideration, we recommend exploring our Fire Extinguisher Training program tailored for workplaces. For more details on this offering, please contact us at 1300 136 158.

Investing in this training not only ensures compliance with industry standards but also equips participants with the confidence and competence to effectively contribute to emergency control and response within their respective environments. Safety is a shared responsibility, and our training programs are designed to empower individuals and organizations to navigate emergency situations with skill and precision.