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Fire Safety and Extinguisher Training

Are your staff equipped with the knowledge of how to select and effectively use a fire extinguisher?

Aligned with nationally recognized competencies CPPFES2004A “Identify types of installed fire safety equipment and systems” and CPPFES2005A “Demonstrate fire attack firefighting equipment,” this session is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of your workplace.

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be awarded a statement of participation, validating their acquired knowledge and practical skills in handling fire extinguishers.

To maintain a high level of preparedness, it is recommended that all staff undergo annual training, ensuring that their knowledge and skills remain current and in accordance with AS 4083-2010 standards.

Emergency Warden Training program

For those seeking accredited training, an option is available at an additional cost.

The duration of the training session is set at 2 hours, accommodating a maximum of 20 participants per session.

Our esteemed trainer, Paul Hill, brings three decades of firefighting experience, coupled with 25 years in training encompassing First Aid, Fire Safety, and Emergency Management. With an additional 15 years in senior management roles within the CFA, Paul is not only knowledgeable but also passionate about educating teams and organizations on the safe use of fire equipment and the coordination of appropriate emergency responses.

As an additional consideration, we recommend exploring our Emergency Warden Training program tailored for workplaces. For more details on this offering, please contact us at 1300 136 158.

Investing in this training goes beyond compliance; it empowers your staff with the confidence and competence to effectively handle fire emergencies. Safety is a collective responsibility, and our training programs are designed to instill the skills and knowledge necessary for a swift and coordinated response in the event of a fire.